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Embrace change in a Social Enterprise
Deploy.   Engage.   Adopt.
We are Change Agents

We help innovative organizations proactively address business, technological and culture change.



Cloud9MAXᵀᴹ is a business-transformation platform creating social, agile organizations. Built in Microsoft Azure and deployed as a robust Office 365 app, Cloud9MAXᵀᴹ is designed to automate the 5-stage change management action plan, VALEX. Cloud9MAX is one app with content & functionality collaboratively provided by multiple MAX451 partners.

Change Agents


MAX451® CHANGE AGENTS have a unique blend of talent, with both deep Microsoft Office 365 and other productivity product knowledge and Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise -- a rare juxtaposition of skills that are critical when helping organizations manage change during their migration to the cloud journey.



VALEX offers a 5-stage change management action plan to achieve adoption of change and create a winning social, agile organization. It provides clear guidance for leaders of organizations, departments and teams to keep up with the speed of change and the challenges associated with it.